☆ The Show to book your tickets for! ☆

Posted: 22nd June 2012 by MelbourneTapDance in members

This Fri 13 July: Australia’s best tap dancers fly in to perform in one jaw-dropping tap show for the Australian Tap Dance Festival, featuring performers from Tap Dogs, Happy Feet 2, Bootmen, Hot Shoe Shuffle, 42nd street, Got to Dance UK, Australia’s Got Talent Semi Finalists, Nigel Lythgoes Superstars of Dance and select Tap Festival participants.

Experience classic & famous routines, original choreography & live music! Imagine the visual spectacle of tap dancers in flight, the crack of high pitched taps to the thunderous boom of heel plates pounding the stage, feel the room and floor vibrate underneath you as you sit in front and get taken on a journey.