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Posted: 10th November 2011 by MelbourneTapDance in members


Our clients include performers looking to put tapdance into their shows, as well as professional dancers and teachers who want to upgrade their skills with the cutting edge tap training in our advanced classes.  Advanced tap dancers who have outgrown their current teachers and danceschools find a whole new level and dimension to the artform they have been missing, in our Intermediate/Advanced classes.  Teachers who have been to our classes are sought after by dance schools who want their students to be taught our tap training that is more useful and inspiring than outdated and limited tap syllabus systems.

There are some who just wish to try tap for the fun and speciality of it, practicing for their own enjoyment, looking to use this as a fun way to exercise their minds and bodies.  If you are going to spend an hour a week in tap class, you may as well enjoy and be associated with the group who are known and respected for tap in Australia and overseas!

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