Tap Dance Day celebration on Southbank!

Posted: 18th May 2013 by MelbourneTapDance in members

This coming Saturday 25th May at 3-4pm, Melbourne Tap Dance will be leading a public celebration (you are all invited to join!) on Southbank (Queensbridge square on the giant red stairs, which is at the end of Southbank Boulevard) , with jam (tap improvisation) sessions to music and a performance of the famous tap dance finale ‘the shim sham’ every 15minutes.

Pictured below is the red stairs that we will be at, and here is the map. Come and join us!

What is Tap Dance Day about, and why May 25th?

May 25th is the celebrated birthday of the tap dance legend Bill “Bojangles” Robinson (video below), a man so popular that when he died in 1949, it was the biggest funeral in New York history – attended by so many people that the the streets were filled all the way to the bridge!

Here is the event on facebook: 

Send us an email if you’d you like to be involved and if you don’t know the shim sham and we will gladly send you an online instructional video :)   ->  ella@melbournetapdance.com