Australian Tap Dance Festival Show of the year – tickets on sale now!

Posted: 25th August 2016 by MelbourneTapDance in members

Rhythm warriors australian tap dance festival show melbourne

One very special night celebrating rhythm and music, the 5th annual Australian Tap Dance Festival Gala – ‘Rhythm Warriors’ !

On Saturday 1st October at 7pm, the highly anticipated event of the Australian Tap Dance Festival will present international and Australian tap dancers showcasing everything you love about tap dance and more. The event will push the boundaries of what percussive dance is thought to be and provide a refreshing night of music, rhythm and toe-tapping entertainment.

Fighting the battle to bring amazing tap dance to the public world, you will witness our passionate artists, our warriors of rhythm, in a venue that allows the performances to be felt, seen and heard at a close distance.

Enjoy the sight and sounds of some of Australia’s best tap dancers,  Bessie Award Winner Michelle Dorrance (USA), special guests, and live music!

Seating is allocated.  Be sure to book early for the best seats in the house for a night that will leave you feeling amazed, energised and entertained!