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If we could share with you an art form that originated from a fusion of African, English and Irish dance forms, developed in America alongside Jazz music, now being done all over the planet,  performed in Hollywood, on Broadway, feeds the soul and makes you feel on top of the world..  imagine how much you would gain from our experience?




1.  Commitment, following through.

2.  Growth.

3.  International standards




As a way to open the eyes of Melbourne to the best tap dancing performances and classes there are, MelbourneTapDance.com was launched in 2009 so people from around Melbourne could have access to it!

On this site you will find opportunity to take classes, inspirational videos (especially on our Facebook page), links to trusted organisations and products, news of good shows and a subscription to our fortnightly newsletter where we profile a famous tap dancer each issue!

Melbournetapdance.com is the brainchild of Winston Morrison  – bringing all the he has picked up from America and growing up as a tapdancer in Australia.  Now it is readily available to people who want to take part in this amazing art form and get good at it in a few years.


What we  do exactly?

Melbourne Tap Dance is best described as a cutting edge group of teachers for training professional performers, fellow tap teachers and those who are keen to pick up famous tap routines techniques and unique repetoire.  If you want solid results to show quickly, we deliver the teaching that all our troupe members have trained under.   Intermediate and Advanced tappers will be exposed to rhythms and style they have not found elsewhere.  See our videos for an example.

Absolute Beginners are taught in such a way that using 3 techniques they have a fun short combination to take home and enjoy after just their first lesson!   Our classes are not all drills, we get you enjoying rhythms and combinations that train your technique quicker than you thought possible.

We have a professional tap dance group available for corporate and festival performances, as well as two student showcases throughout the year.  As Melbourne Tap Dance is the go to place for tap down under, you will often see us on TV or in public events, subscribe to our newsletter to find out.


How do I get started?


Dance Professional,  celebrity:  
– Want to create your own act? – Raise the bar of your current tap performance?  – Incorporate tap dance into your act?    Contact: winston@melbournetapdance.com


Dance Teacher / Studio Owner

– Want to know how to incorporate tap improvisation into your classes?  – Students losing interest with the existing outdated and unfulfilling syllabus systems?  – Want to learn famous routines and steps to pass on?  – Want to learn the routines you see in our performances to add to your teaching repertoire?   contact winston@melbournetapdance.com


Already a Tap Dancer /  student elsewhere

– Do you need more stimulation than where you are learning tap at the moment?   Do you want to learn from a group who is known and respected for tap dance in Australia and overseas?

– Have you tapped previously and want to get back into it?    You already have some understanding of technique you are welcome into our beginners class anytime now.


Absolute Beginner tapper?

– Always admired tap but never got the chance to try it when you were young?  Please contact us so that we can schedule you in with the next lot of new beginners!

– Want to learn a tap routine for a special occasion (wedding, party or function) in 5-6 weeks?

– Have a kid that can’t stop moving their feet, inspired by dance, or likes to drum? Contact info@tapdancingmelbourne.com.au


We set ourselves apart from the rest by being:

– Tap school that SPECIALISES in tap.  Tap is our life, , it is not just another ‘subject’, it is our specialty.

– Teachers of improvisation – students will know that steps are just a way to create their own way of expression, a feeling of freedom.

– We focus on being cutting edge, and update our knowledge and network with trips to USA, so our students get the best results in the fastest time.

– Our students know famous routines and the history of tap.   They can leave Australia, travel to America, Europe, Asia and fit in with other tap communities and be respected for what they know.

– Read our TESTIMONIALS from a range of people!


How to join,?

send us an email or call Winston : 0413 083 053

You can also see our class timetable/locations to see where and when we run classes!

Please introduce yourself to us and we will take it from there! :  info@tapdancingmelbourne.com.au


What else?

Keep up to date on our facebook page

Read our  Success stories





Some international artists who have influenced Winston’s tap dancing and teaching style: (Left to Right):  SAVION GLOVER, JASON SAMUELS SMITH, MICHELLE DORRANCE, BUNNY BRIGGS, OMAR EDWARDS, DORMEISHA SUMBRY EDWARDS





Who are classes aimed at?

Melbourne Tap Dance is the perfect match for those who seriously want to learn how to tap and are committed to finding a new level of self expression and performance.  We work with KIDS (primary school age) and ADULTS (teenage to mature adults) who want to take their tap to the next level, or have had the inspiration to do tap!

What makes you different?

Being a tap specialist school (the result of over 20 years of experience), we teach you how to do famous routines from your first lesson and equip you with tap techniques faster and beyond any other dance school we know of in the country.

Because our students progress more than twice as fast as those in other dance schools our students get a better return on investment.  It is not uncommon for students to learn within 1-2 years with us, what they took 7 years to learn in a dance school.  You work out what is more cost effective!  Not to mention the emotional fulfilment and feeling of achievement.

We have decades of expertise and experience internationally.  Therefore our services are of a high standard, and expect our students to be keen learners!

I’m unsure about the first step or what if I don’t like it?

To help with what you want to achieve, or point you in the right direction, we welcome your enquiries.  We are the only tap dance school in Melbourne that can guarantee value and enjoyment from your tap lesson, therefore we only offer that you sign the payment form at the END of your first class, if you are totally happy and want to continue.

Can I observe?

Absolutely, you want to make sure you are spending your time with the right people.  You are welcome to come observe.  Please let us know you are coming

In the meantime, read some of our testimonials here http://tapdancingmelbourne.com.au/testimonials.


Do you have classes for my age level?

All  classes listed are ADULT based, unless specifically labelled as ‘KIDS’. There is no teenage-only class as we consider teenagers mature enough to join adult level classes.

We take kids when they are primary school age, starting at six years old – they need to behave well in a class situation because of what we teach and the results we are to achieve.

Older adults need not be worried about their age – unlike ballet, tap dancers actually improve with age and experience.

To confirm the best class for you or child, or to find out when the next opportunity to join  (we start new beginners together for progress), or to learn privately (Private Lessons available during the day – make an appointment) please introduce yourself / contact us.


Is being older an issue?

All the masters of tap kept getting more refined the older they got (musicality, performance maturity, and skill),  tap dancing is like being a musician, as opposed to ballet or sports – we get better as we get older.  Let us show you some videos of our inspirations who are our elders – they have more style and finesse than any youngster.

of course if you are just looking for a social hangout, then we are not for you. Our students actually want to learn and be challenged.


When is the best time to start?  Do you run by terms?

We run throughout the year without school holidays (only stopping 6 weeks over the xmas-new year and other public holidays), as such we don’t have ‘terms’, but have different entry points for new students depending on each persons individual situation and what the class is learning at the time.  As soon as you enquire you will be advised of your best option.

The best time to start/enquire is:  Now – make an enquiry to see how we can help you achieve what you want.  If you don’t do it now you may miss out on the next class intake opportunity for you.


What do I wear?

Dress code:  For class most people wear comfortable clothing, you choose how you want to be seen.

Tap shoes not required to attend first Beginners lesson – just wear comfortable hard soled shoes.

We can get Capezio tap shoes for you at a discount to what they sell for in the shops, through your teacher in class!


Where I was previously dancing (at another school) we weren’t learning very much, there was a lot of chatter going on, do you waste any time talking in your class?

No, we are focused on results and delivering value for what you pay for, so we train for the full hour in class.  Social gatherings are welcome to happen after/outside class times.

Can I do private lessons?

Private lessons available only in Mulgrave and St.Kilda (upon request), for anywhere else, an additional $25 callout fee applies


Do I forfeit a class if I miss it?

You can make up for missed classes on another day or location. If you choose not to, then yes you have chosen to forfeit what you have missed.  You can liken it to school, if students paid only on a per attendance basis, this would financially discourage attendance and the school would soon go broke!


So you don’t do casual classes?

We do in special circumstances at a premium (e.g. if the person is not sure how long they’ll be in the country for, visiting from interstate),

but in our past experience the mentality of giving students the option to come and go as they please, although we meant well, was actually detrimental to the students’ results, the classes progress, and makes the class financially unviable to keep running on a weekly basis.  Having students invested and committed helps people create a good habit of coming to class regularly whereas excuses (e.g. weather, tiredness, bad scheduling) would otherwise get the better of you.

You pay every fortnight or for the remainder of the year upfront and your attendance is your responsibility.  We will fulfil our side of the responsibility of showing up every week and running the best trainings we can for you.

Even though we are a highly specialised service, the good thing is If you happen to miss your regular class that week because you couldn’t make it that night of the week, you have the option of making it up in any of our other locations.

The other great thing is, we don’t charge you for classes not run on public holidays.  The class that did not run will result in your payments being adjusted (e.g. reduced or stop early as appropriate) at the end of the year!


Do you have free trial classes ?

No, this has been the best approach to keeping our class standards high –  imagine if you were a paying student in a class and had people coming and going because they were testing the class ‘for free’.  Having someone who has not invested in the class that you paid for would be unfair to you and the other paying members of the class, and can affect on class progress.

When you join our class for the first time you are given the same attention as everyone else.  Those that pay for something also tend to have more appreciation and make sure they get the most value out of it too.

We understand that people want to make sure that this is for them, before feeling they can commit.   We take the risk out of it by offering to you that you only sign the payment form at the END of your first class, if you are totally happy and want to continue.

We take the risk/fear ou, by offering a money back guarantee if you are not totally satisfied with your class.



How many people per class?

In most classes, it is usually around 5 people.  Therefore it is semi-private and you get challenged at your own level.  When there are more people, the energy and feeling in the room is a real buzz!


What does it cost?

Click on the classes page and scroll down!