2019 Tap Dance Classes Begin!

Posted: 6th January 2019 by MelbourneTapDance in members

Happy New Year everyone :)

Weekly classes run for one hour each and comprise of 20minutes of technique then 40minutes of a fresh new combination (new style of music each week!).

Join anytime!  All classes are for adults unless otherwise specified.

To begin, please send Winston a message on 0413083053 .

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Here are how some of our students have been enjoying their classes:
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I started taking classes in October with no prior experience. I have done several musicals before, but nothing tap related. I started off with a couple private lessons just to get a feel of things and then moved into a class and I can say the only regret I have is not starting earlier. I highly recommend this to anybody regardless if you want to pick up a new hobby, or looking to add a new set of skills to your repertoire, this is a great place to take classes and the people are also fantastic as well.

- Joseph Lanciana

Winston’s classes are very enjoyable – he really knows the art form and his passion shows. He encourages your body to move naturally with the steps and also encourages you to create shapes that improves your style and also makes it easier to achieve the techniques. I always walk away from each class with a new technique and combination. It’s challenging and fun, i will continue my tap education with Winston.

- Mixers and Shakers

Absolutely love the classes at Melbourne Tap Dance. I originally just thought it would be a fun way to exercise. But it’s become so much more. I have developed such an admiration for the art form itself and I know I’m still at the tip of the iceberg in understanding all of its complexities. Winston is such an inspiring teacher and we as the students encourage and support each other. It’s challenging and varied as we are constantly learning new steps but it lots of fun. So happy I found this class.

- Pam O’Dal

My tap dance experience began with Melbourne Tap Dance in 2016 and I have enjoyed every class. I started as a complete (adult) beginner and thanks to Winston’s patience & faith in his students, along with his musical knowledge and dance expertise, my love of tap has magnified. His passion for tap is clear as he makes every lesson fun, diverse and challenging. The dedication and commitment he puts into keeping tap dance alive through the Australian Tap Dance Festival is inspirational. Watching Winston tap will electrify you and to have him teach you will give you wings! Haha…

- Chrissie Lau

I’ve been taught directly by Winston, and he really endows the art he represents with breadth and depth. This is for both tap and piano. His classes carry practical and intuitive wisdom and experience and he is adept at transferring it to each individual through a tailored approach, in good taste, style, and musicality. He is equipped to acknowledge you at all levels of skill and capability. I’ve been his student for just over a year – and my deepened awareness and appreciation of sounds, colours and rhythms – its nuanced subtleties and intricacies – have permanently enrichened my life. I’ve also found that I’m learning things quicker and more joyously, and I daresay there is a direct correlation between my improved quality of life and the inspiration that is invaluably drawn from his teachings. Winston will accept you as much as he will both critically assess and openly judge you, of which, for me anyway, is enabling me to own the artist I am/aspire to uncover. From a combination of his group and private classes over the year, I am encouraged to be more courageous as a dancer, performer and person. Growing has been fun!

- Feng-Quan Liu

I admit I first began taking classes at Melbourne Tap Dance with Winston primarily as a way to avoid the gym but still squeeze some cardio into my week. The classes quickly became much more than just exercise, they are challenging, fun, exciting and a great way to keep fit, usually while having a laugh or two. I love that the casual nature of the classes allows you to focus on improving your skills and techniques without the pressure of tests or exams. Winston is a fantastic teacher and the classes are such in a friendly and non-judgmental environment. Five years later I’m still tapping and loving it! I encourage anyone who has ever been tempted to give tap dancing a go to start by signing up to a class at Melbourne Tap Dance

- Vanessa Nolan

I have been attending Winston’s classes in both Mulgrave and Thornbury since August 2017. I was looking for a school that offered casual, yet challenging tap classes for adults with no obligation of performance or end of year concert! I hadn’t tapped for over 8 years and wasn’t sure where my skills fitted in, but Winston is patient, supportive and makes sure everyone in class gets individual assessment and feedback when learning a new combination or step. Every class I have attended is filled with friendly students of all ages who encourage each other to become better dancers. I believe the mix of age makes a lot of difference to the dynamic of each class that is unlike any dance school I’ve attended previously. Winston is also the director of the Australian Tap Dance Festival held annually every September. He encourages all students to attend the affordable workshops with international tap professionals that further build confidence and skill among us all. This year I attended workshops with Peta Anderson and Shane Preston and they were FANTASTIC! Not only is he a great teacher, but he has kept the spirit and joy of tap dance alive in Melbourne and I look forward to many more years attending his classes.

- Meg C