5 Reasons to do class at Melbourne Tap Dance

Posted: 23rd January 2011 by MelbourneTapDance in see menu's above

1. Classes promise fitness and fun plus even more life, musicality, spirit and fulfilment.

2. When you apprach tap as a universal language:  Words (steps) put in sentences (combinations) to form a message (your dance), you can say whatever you want, dance how you feel, and with just a few techniques, have all the flow you need.

3.  Tap is a popular and unique art form performed and showcased by many celebrities, and we keep in touch and share as much as we have so you can benefit.

see 2.30:

and let’s not forget the dancing feet behind the hit movie HAPPY FEET …Savion Glover:

or King of Pop Michael Jackson with the legendary Nicholas Brothers

4. Be part of a community that will give you access and allow you to attend and feel a part of local tap dance events and International Tap Dance Festivals (we ‘ve been to, and produced some).  Join the tap family!

5. We know the importance of passing on and paying respect to the masters of tap dance who came before us, pioneered and influenced the art form, as this will help you understand, find your favourite style and create your own ‘voice’.

see 2:00min:


+) We’ve added one more reason, because it is commonly asked…

Tap can be done ..

when you’re only 4 years old:

or over 70 years young:

If you’ve done some tap in the past, its time to dust the tap shoes – you’ve got a foundation and some blanks to fill in – we’re good at that!

If you’ve never tried it, you don’t need tap shoes to take your first few classes – come down and get the best teaching you can get from the beginning, where all good habits start.

See the Class Timetable

  1. For footage of the tap masters check out some history!